Platforms#This flagship award recognizes ordinary citizens or communities who substantively debunk mis-/disinformation on issues of public interest using fact-driven research/evidence.#
Delivery#This award recognizes data/evidence-driven fact-checking that debunks misogynistic, xenophobic, racist, fundamentalist, or other toxic hate speech.#
Context#This award recognizes citizen/civic watchdogs whose fact-checking corrects misleading information from government or other official agencies.#
Reach#This award recognizes academic or scientific/economic research that clarifies misleading information on issues of major public interest.#
Targeting#This award recognizes forensic analysis or investigative research that unmasks the hidden puppet-masters or sock-puppets who deliberately try to distort or subvert public discourse.#
Sustainability#This award recognizes data/evidence-driven fact-checking that substantively debunks health conspiracies, climate denialism, environmental disinformation (relating, for example, to the mining/extractive industries), and other quackery.#

Our Mission

Misinformation has become an ‘infodemic’ that is too big for any one organisation to solve. The flood of misleading toxic information is undermining our societies. We all need to protect the truth, by fighting back with facts. These awards are intended to celebrate the pioneering citizens and organisations across Africa, who are exposing false information in innovative ways.