Fact-checking is too important to be left just to the media.

We all need to be watchdogs, protecting our societies from harmful mis-/disinformation and hate speech.

These pan-African awards will showcase the brave pioneers who are using facts and reason to debunk false information and expose the hidden sock-puppet networks who are subverting our societies.

The awards are open to both individuals and organisations.

You could be a community activist (such as an environmentalist or human rights defender), or a researcher (both in academia and civil society), or a civic watchdog (such as a budget/policy analyst or grassroots service delivery monitor), or a storyteller (such as journalists, social influencers or artistic creatives), or even just an amatuer armchair pundit.

Your debunk must be fact-based.

We fight falsehoods with facts. Your fact-checking should use verifiable evidence, from credible sources (the more the better) and a transparent methodology to separate fiction from fact. The best fact-checking is also contextualised, showing evidence that reflects local realities.

Your fact-checks must have been published.

Your debunk must have been published on a public platform, either in the mainstream media or online, or as publicly accessible research. You must be able to show that your fact-checking reached a meaningful audience (size isn’t always important), and that it created a tangible impact or that it shifted public discourse.

Our Mission

Misinformation has become an ‘infodemic’ that is too big for any one organisation to solve. The flood of misleading toxic information is undermining our societies. We all need to protect the truth, by fighting back with facts. These awards are intended to celebrate the pioneering citizens and organisations across Africa, who are exposing false information in innovative ways.